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Cadplan Ltd : A consultancy business managed and run by myself, Paddy Looney. I offer my services as a management consultant in the following areas.

Cadplan Art

Space Planning : Manage your office space more effectively using dimensionally accurate  drawings provided on CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Moves Management : I provide my services as a Moves Manager to coordinate the complex activity that goes on behind the scenes to ensure a successful office move.

Project Planning : Co-ordinate all activities relating to construction / fit out of office space. Understand the requirements of all contractors on site and report any variations and the impact they might have on the overall programme.

Dimensional Surveys : Cadplan can survey your office space to provide new accurate CAD drawings or correct the client’s existing CAD drawings.

CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) : CAFM enables the client to understand the use of space by reporting and comparing the density of desks to the amount of space available.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) : In addition to space plans, Cadplan provides CAD drawings other areas such as interior design, engineering components, house conversions etc.

Engineering Drawings : Cadplan provides precision engineering drawings, schematics,  templates and cut lists for the engineering and electronic industries.

Infographics : Providing information in a clear concise graphic presentation, such as posters for festivals, specific maps for events, guides for visitors etc.